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The hidden wealth of Africa e

Everyone knows the mineral wealth of Africa. Why waste them by selling them at too low prices, if it should be in short supply in the future? - These wealths are "false friends" because they are not renewables.

Overexploitation of natural gas, oil and coal has led industrialized countries at an impasse as evidenced by all equity markets around the world. To copy the economic model developed countries, can only lead Africa to a similar disaster with no way back!

Africa has many other treasures misused as ignored. These riches, "true friends" because constantly renewable, are:

  • The sun in abundance, free and inexhaustible source of energy. "5% of the deserts could produce all the electricity in the world," say Patrick Jourde and Jean-Claude Muller [17], researchers at the Atomic Energy Commission and Energy Alternatives (CEA) and CNRS .
  • Winds, free and inexhaustible sources of energy
  • Water wich would be stored for long periods in high-capacitytanks.
  • The land surface for agriculture.
  • Biomass.

Thaose wealths can enable African to achieve autonomy and large surplus as regards the supply of motive power base in electric power quality, power and biofuels.

We must use these resources wisely, to achieve a situation of autonomy and surplus in terms of food, a basic motive power, electric power quality and availability of biofuels readily available. Simply draw inspiration from chemistry textbooks within reach of every student's level of high school, the condition of blindness in three false friends, only three words: "Oil", "coal" and " firewood ".

Prosperity plan

We offer this technically in order to achieve autonomy and a surplus situation , the two durable, provided they are handy and provide a lot of elbow grease .

A red dot represents a purely technical problem to solve. We will try to review each point of blockage by a process of its analysis, its resolution and a detailed explanation of what we recommend to do to solve it.

A green dot means that the technology is existing and readily available .

You will see from time to time a blue underlined link . This is a link that will give you access to detailed information that would take too much space here, as this page is a Plan. A benchmark . A compass to indicate the right road . To indicate a general battle plan. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let us review the most important resources of Africa :

The sun The winds The water The earth

The sun is smooth and produces about 1,000 watts per square meter.

There are several ways to exploit :

Solar panels
Solar thermal power plant
The solar chimneys

Solar panels are expensive , and should be reserved for a basic , light , food , computer equipment, communication and surveillance equipment .

The Stirling solar thermal power plant concentrates the sun's rays , using parabolic mirrors , to a boiler or tubes containing a coolant. Stirling engines require a heat source and heat sink and are able to convert it to electricity with an efficiency of 40 %.

The thermoelectric plant . Too complicated . See for yourself this article on the subject thermoelectricity .

Solar chimneys are inexpensive , but require a very important job for the design and placement. It is best to build them yourself. They can produce a power greater than bcp solar panels at a much lower price, but the energy should be stored at 20 % in the form of compressed air, a driving force in all known modern workshops , 60 % to achieve the electrolysis of water, the rest of the energy that can be used to recharge car batteries classics.

Storage and power generation.

If it lights up with LED , no need to convert the DC into AC .

Inverters are needed to convert the 12 volt DC batteries to 220 V 50 Hz used by computers.

In Africa, the wind turbines must be designed very cheap, easy to install and easy to maintain, that are not designed to directly power an electrical network , this due to the intrinsic nature of the wind, which is erratic.

These wind turbines are to be used :

A compressed air , which is a driving force easy to store and use, this driving force may be used to extract oil from oilseeds .
To generate electricity continuously ( non AC ) immediately used to perform the electrolysis of water , giving hydrogen and oxygen. The control is much easier , and to extract aluminum from pure clay (bauxite)
At the pumps going up the water of aquifers;
In desert regions , to extract water from the air.

Hydrogen ( condtion to be handled with extreme caution ! ) Can be used as heating gas , as a means to reduce the metal oxides of metals ( eg iron ) instead of coal.

Oxygen can be used to produce hydrogen peroxide ( disinfectant) , nitrate for fertilizer, and other handy applications

It is important initially to be able to dispose of water from aquifers .

However, it is even more important to be able to store rainwater in cisterns with very large capacities during the annual rain period.

The water for many purposes, some of which can be recovered for agriculture.

It should be of drinking water
It takes water to the toilet ( you can get to feed the plants from the soil , not watering them for reasons of hygiene)
It should be water to irrigate farmland. s.

Since the sun is very important in African countries , it is important to align alternately fruit trees and strips of land reserved for seasonal plants ( one harvest and hard once a year ).

The seasonal plants need shade a few hours a day during dry periods .

The clay contains aluminum oxide and iron oxide , used to produce aluminum and iron.

In Spain, produces thousands of tons of tomatoes in greenhouses : It's time to think about what kind of practice , right?


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