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Plan général du site (Mise à jour: 24 décembre 2015)

FYI : This plan is not limited to our site. The Internet network provides access to a mass of useful information.

However, this information is presented by the search engines in the most total mess ! This information should be stored .

Our plan provides links to the outside, and will be updated.

We invite you to keep our sitemap to your favorites.

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Our organigram  
Our purposes  
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Our vision
Photovoltaics panels
Usage de base
Some exemples
Non photovoltaics panels  
Wind engines  
Solar chimeys  
Stirling engines  
Stockage de l'énergie
L'air comprimé (low budget)
L'air comprimé (very big budget)
Les batteries au plomb
Les batteries au lithium
Transmission of energy
Transmission mécanique
Transformation mécanique - électrique
Transformation électrique
Various little gadgets Gadgets de jardins
  Gadgets pour géologues et orpailleurs
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