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Our purposes
Green Technologies Transfert asbl is dedicated to practice and promote agriculture reflected processes related to nobility and respect the environment.
ABTGreen Technologies Transfert asbl's main objectives are:

. Collection of information and awareness programs on agro-pastoral africa context, international organizations and financial institutions to promote the transfer of environmentally sound technologies.
. Promotion and strengthening of initiatives in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and CDM (clean mechanical developments).
. To fight against deforestation through the compensation mechanism in greenhouse gas emissions, the dissemination of information on adverse effects of climate change (Kyoto Protocol).
. Implementation of demonstration projects that highlight the economic and environmental benefits from the use of environmental technologies and management skills.
. The promotion of development activities in economic, social and development of Africa that rely on environmental technology and sustainable development.

. Contribute to the development, development and promotion for their generalization of the principles of sustainable agriculture is defined as a competitive agriculture taking into account a balanced economic objectives of the farmer, the quality of products and respect for the environment,

. Support, promote and publicize the farmers applying these principles, as well as organizations, companies and individuals who contribute their work to the implementation and development of rational practices.
. Foster dialogue between the world of agriculture and other socio-professional categories, value occupations, companies and individuals in the agricultural to the general public.
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