Coronavirus: Easy-to-Apply Suggestions

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In 1918-1919, during the Spanish flu, silver and colloidal gold solutions were used more and more often intravenously. This pdf document in French shows it, but the final article on the last page does not make a quick fix. Too late when the lungs are too damaged by the Coronavirus!

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A moderate consumption of colloidal silver, a teaspoon 3X per day is recommended as a preventive measure. On sale at herbalists. If you have quality silverware at home, it is possible to produce colloidal silver at home. Drinking water in which clean quality silverware has been kept for at least 24 hours is a minimum.

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Why it is important to take an antiviral agent BEFORE catching a virus, rather than after entering intensive care? - Because it's too late.

"It is better to treat people a little earlier, because the elderly who return with respiratory failure are very difficult to catch up with. And what we're starting to see is that they have little or more virus by the time they get there. This is entirely the inflammatory reaction to fight the virus, there are lesions and a difficulty in catching up with this.", said Didier Raoult, in a statement from the IHU of Marseille.

Okay, with that, a little vitamin D and C (pharmacy), or eat kiwis, make soup with lots of thyme and savory (? "sariette" herb). (not a pinch, a handful of each herb) (To buy in North African stores which sell it in big cheap sachets)

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If you are infected and ill, and the hospitals are saturated, consume hot whiskey with quality honey. So, in addition to containment, you will have put all the odds on your side.

Ainsi, en plus du confinement, vous aurez mis toutes les chances de votre côté.

Coronavirus: Advices from the hidden Imam of Schaerbeek: Thyme in soup and colloïdal silver

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