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The pure truth about our world

The makers of our world think too much in terms of "commercial competition",

whereas one should rather think in term of "economic partnership".

European leaders only think of selling mega-projects quickly sold and quickly paid to African leaders.
African leaders think only of their belly, and their lower abdomen. They sell expensive and ugly electricity, but do not maintain power grids.

Result: Virtually all African countries have power grids that are worthless. Economically, it's catastrophic.

Example: The INGA dam in the DRC. This dam was to feed all Central Africa. Only one of the 4 turbines works somehow, and a few kilometers away, there are power cuts 20 times a day! - Same story in Guinea and other African countries.

The average African, their small and medium-sized companies, would like to use the energy of the sun or winds to be autonomous in electricity, but the European countries offer them nothing, if not, too expensive solutions.

The solutions

Give work to Europeans and Africans by building only small units able to feed a village, a farm, any company, energy (electricity or compressed air), thanks to the sun and the winds.

Reserve the use of photovoltaic panels (too expensive) for complementary uses: pumps and fans for cooling circuit. (see Project 1 below)

Roads in Central Africa are in too bad shape: To reintroduce in Central Africa the use of amphibious planes, capable of landing on lakes, in order to facilitate trade and revitalize the economy.

Finally, it is wrong to think that the inhabitants of African countries are poor: Gold miners and African telecom companies have substantial financial means.

And there are significant potential customers in South America and Australia.

What to ask European leaders

Their job: Make calls for national funds to investors to build and sell to African means devices allowing them to be autonomous in energy, and that, for the cheapest possible.

African local banks will have to provide the necessary micro-credits, which facilitates debt collection problems.

European leaders must join forces in this direction, and not compete with each other.

Exemples de projets pratiques
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

Stirling engines are very efficient and start on their own.

Stirling engines need a hot spring and a cold source.

The hot source: Solar energy obviously, via static panels in an oil bath.

The cold source: Water in a cistern, cooled in a closed circuit by fans powered by photovoltaic panels. Or the water of a lake or a river, it is even better.

The goal: To produce electricity, without being dependent on a stream for the cold source.

Ultra-simple wind turbines, horizontal axis, intended only to compress air.

Compressed air is indeed a driving force that can be used in the agri-food sector.

A recent refinement makes it possible to dispense with heavy compressed air tanks ... Send the compressed air in a rubber balloon, at the bottom of a well, covered by a high column of water (20 to 30 meters)

Finally, the air once compressed, can be used to generate electricity, with the advantage of a stable production.

Provide mercury stills Allow miners to recover mercury vapors through specifically designed stills.

These devices already existed and were in use in the 30s in the RDC!

Undeniable advantages:

1 °) It is ecological obviously. Mercury is extremely polluting when it is released into the air, and then into the environment.

2 °) No need to bring mercury at great expense by mafia circuits.

Project 4

Airships are a means of commercial transportation in Africa, if you're smart ...

Indeed, there are two light gases usable: hydrogen (very dangerous, because flammable) and helium (quite expensive).

The solution here is to use two-envelope airships.

The inner envelope contains hydrogen, and the outer envelope contains helium. => This idea is to try, because the airships are very economical, and pass everywhere.


  P.S .: I have other projects in my boxes, but I propose to start already with these, whose understanding is within the reach of anyone.

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