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How to close this tiring dispute between Israël and Palestina ?

Open letter to: Mahmoud ABBAS, Ali KHAMENEI, Donald TRUMP (sended by 30/07/2018)
Open letter to: Reuven RIVLIN and Benjamin NETANAHYU (sended by 24/09/2018)

Your-Peace-Now-Omeg-Alabab-2018.pdf   La-Paix-Maintenant-Omeg-Alabab-2018.pdf

« Shalom Aleichem, Yidden », « Salam aleikum, palestinians »
« Be the peace on you , Hebrews and Palestinians. »

In Israël, a regency,
with an Interim Manager , acting as Regent
(In order, to restore a future monarchy)
The two (regent and queen) living together,
like father and daughter,
in the same house in Jerushalaim / Al Quods
In Palestina, a monarchy, with -allways- a Queen

A manager can be hired and fired...
L'esplanade du Temple

Why not Ahed Tamimi?
She would be more effective than thousands of international lawyers...

Action proposée   Action proposée
J'ai une meilleure idée qu'un boycott, la voici
Suggestion de texte à envoyer à vos partenaires israéliens & palestiniens ici: Suggestion
Ahed Tamimi,
actuellement en tournée dans plusieurs pays européens,
souhaite le boycott des produits israéliens.
Interview d'Euronews

Omeg ALABAB predication: "Why the good, why the evil ?" (You Tube)

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The long story of the bad angel fighting against us (Sympathy for the devil, Rolling Stones)


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Soon here : "Artificial Intelligence surprisingly predicted in the Muslim's Book"

Some explanations in french langages about this HERE - Use Google Translation -

Israël/Palestine: There is no political solution... (B. Zephaniah/ You Tube)

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