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Israël versus Palestine: Your Peace now ! (Pass code: 34567839)

Open dispute Israël-Palestine - conflict israélien/palestinien
===> Solution: An hebrew Regent & a palestinian Queen <===

Open letter to Mahmoud ABBAS, Ali KHAMENEI, Donald TRUMP (sended by 30/07/2018)
In Israël, a regency,
with an Interim Manager , acting as Regent
(In order, to restore a future monarchy)
The two (regent and queen) living together,
like father and daughter,
in the same house in Jerushalaim / Al Quods
In Palestinia, a monarchy, with -allways- a Queen
In Israel, a jewish regent (in order to restore a future monarchy) L'esplanade du Temple
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...And regarding Ibliss: ===> let's throw it in the trash ! - "Ibliss, Kawoud!"

Ibliss, the Devil - trying to rase up wars and dispers among the humans



«Shalom Aleichem, Yidden»
«Salam aleikum, palestinians»
«Be the peace on you , Hebrews andt Palestinians.»

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" Abracadabra opens Mister Sesami, one, two, three
Abracadabra opens Mister Sesami to get of the ghetto
Abracadabra opens Sesami EASIER
...Don't hurt your bodies, and let us work...
! "

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GV_5dRrWH4 (Leila K)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1pbmAmAHFQ (Rammstein)

I want you to trust me.
I want people to believe me.
I want to feel your eyes on me.
I want to control every heartbeat.
I want to hear your voices.
I want to restore order.
I want you to see me.
I want you to understand me.
I want your fantasy.
I want your energy.
I want to see your hands.
I want to see them applaud me.
You see me ?
You understand me ?
Do you feel good?
You hear me ?
Can you hear me ? - "We hear you!"
Can you see me ? - "We see you!"
Can you feel me? - "We feel you good!"

Democratie organique - Organic democracy