A hoped natural antidote against Ebola virus - 2015  

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Update by 3 july 2018:

Il semblerait que l'argent colloïdal soie un puissant agent antibactériel et antivirus. Si c'est le cas, il est facile à fabriquer soi-même. Voici comment. Attention, il faut utiliser des électrodes en argent pur.

Old texts:

A natural antidote against Ebola virus raging in Guinea-Conakry, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the DRC's could be available in all major cities of the world. I tested it myself, and I am practically sure it will work.

Men and apes eat bananas without the skin.

The fruits bats doesn't have hands, so they are obliged to eat first the skin of the banana, before to eat the inside of them. So they are never ill.

The antidote against the virus Ebola is in the skin of the bananas.

It is well knowed that a remedy against verrucas, is to aplly skin banana agaisnt the verrucas with a baster, during a few weeks. And verrucas are also dues to a virus...

The easiest and fastest way to produce large quantities of antibodies year against Ebola virus is genetically manipulate the DNA of the yeast to produce this antibody yeast because yeast reproduces very quickly, and could be sent as dried tablets. This solution is not of interests for pharmaceutical compagnies, because it can not be patented.

Tips to fight against the Ebola virus were previously provided free of charge, without much interest from Internauts.

PDF to downloads and disseminate, thank you :

Ebola.pdf (Version 6) Attention aux mouches & moustiques ! - Traitements connus (Version 4)

Rapport de l'O.M.S.: Rapport (FR)

Une immunité naturelle au virus Ebola découverte dans 13% de la population au Gabon

(si un vaccin devait être fabriqué facilement, ce serait grâce au sérum des personnes possédant ces anticorps !)

Le problème crucial de l'Afrique (Version 1)

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