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Message to the muslims of Pakistan
( By Omeg Alabab, the jovialist rastafari international-socialist muslim )
What are you doing?
- Persecuting Asia Bibi is not really muslim.
To sentence her to death even less.
Only the Lord, Allah, the Creator of the worlds has the right to take life.
God prefers to create, not destroy.
So, a true Muslim, if he wants to honor God,
must prefer to create than to destroy.
Praying the Creator of the Worlds
to take back the souls of Jamal Kashoggi's assassins
is much more important.
I invite You to join my prayer.
Muslims, Concerns: The fatal fate of Jamal Khashoggi in a consulate in Turkey, raises my deepest disgust. As a result of this assassination, I ask Allah, the Creator of the worlds, to remind him of the souls of men, who participated actively in this crime, and more particularly the soul of their sponsor, whatever its position and rank. I ask Allah, that the reminder of these souls, be done without any human intervention. Here is my prayer. It is not a fatwa, it is an invitation to join a prayer. Those of you who pray to Allah 5 times a day, and practice Ramadan, have forged an iron will. I invite you, Muslims, to join you in my prayer a Friday, and the following two Fridays. Your iron wills will act like a hammer.

This is one of the reasons why the Prophet (SAW) asked you to strengthen your will. The servants of Ibliss will discover the power you do not know. Do not abuse this power for purposes unworthy of a true believer. Thank you for joining this prayer three times, shoukran.

Please submit this request to your imams, so that they agree.

Internet users, it's time to share. All believers are invited.
Omeg ALABAB Brussels, Thursday, October 18, 2018.


It is high time to set up a federal state
who unites Jews and Palestinians.
Here my project , explained on this website: www.lapaixmaintenant.be
Artificial Intelligence was predicted in the Holy K'ran

I am only a man who solicits a very beautiful woman, the Community of Believers.

How to convince her? - With a bouquet of flowers?

Here is my bouquet of flowers:

"What is above, I will put it down.

And what is down, I'll put it up.

And I will also declare that Rai is a pleasant music to God. "

Well, that's right, these are just promises.

But fools are known to keep their promise ...

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